Hello, I'm Alex

Hello I'm Alex is a space where storytellers come together. The purpose of this shared blog is to connect writer-to-writer and writer-to-world while building a collection of stories for enjoyment and use in creative projects.

Hello I'm Alex projects include the Alexicon dictionary of microstories and multiple story-based card games. Projects are currently in development, and the door is open for new writers to join.


It had been another 90 minutes of drills. We were at the end of my vocal lesson, discussing what I would work on next, when a seemingly brilliant idea hit me...

I thought I was having some sort of attack. My whole body was shaking, and passersby were starting to turn their heads...

The bus had just left me. Seated on the outskirts of the Munich station, with the characteristic briskness of the first days of November, in place of cursing...

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