What is Content?

Content—graphic or written, evolving or static, linear or broken into bits—is how your brand communicates. At Content In Motion, it’s our job to give your brand its voice.  

and analysis

Designing content and a strategy around it is only as good as what you know to measure. But with all that data, there are too many rabbit holes to fall into when figuring out what it all means. 

We turn analysis into action.

Your success
is our success

There's an endless number of motivations in the world, but in our office we see your success as the steam to our steam engine. The work we put into your content will always be with sincere—and self-evident—enthusiasm.

Our Services
Client-Facing Content

Value-added content for leads and clients can be much more than just blogs (and even blogs can be used and written strategically to do more than fill your website). Ask about our infographic work, guest writing, SEO strategy, website writing and content optimization for everything you need to reach your prospects and clients.

Internal Content

Internal content is a thing, too. Would you like to set up clear and defined guidelines for your staff to use when representing your brand in emails or on social? Or build new letterheads, Word and PowerPoint templates for uniformity in internal or external communication? We've got you covered.

Bilingual Content

Is your target audience English or Spanish speaking? Since Content in Motion is based in Lima, Peru (and all the members of our team are bilingual), we create content in both languages. Whether your audience is English or Spanish-speaking, reach them by localizing your content in the language and channel of choice for each market.

Ghost Writing

Have a great idea for a book, but no time to write it? We have a process that starts with extensive interviews and ends with equally extensive rounds of revision. We can take your idea and your voice and put them to paper for you. We help you tell your story just the way you want it.


Everything from copy editing to building a multi-channel content strategy falls under our “consulting” umbrella. If you just need a sanity check on your own ideas, we can help. We make sure you get a plan in place to fit your objectives, and then we build it with – or for – you according to your goals.

Words are the vehicles of stories

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Our Custom

Card Game

Available in English and Spanish


“Outstanding job on a large 35 page project! We will be hiring them again!”

Gregg D.
Architectural Signage

One word from you, we write the rest

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